Rubber components – Safe and smart 

 We manufacture precision-fit rubber profiles and cross sections made exactly for your application

At GWU, we're experts in rubber sealing systems. For sealing doors, windows and hatches – safely, securely and with smart technology. We don't just manufacture precision-fit rubber profiles. In close cooperation with our customers we also develop rubber profile cross sections that are exactly calculated for each user's application.

GWU also has experience and know-how in bonding complicated corner configurations – for example as required with the rubber seals of vehicle windshields. With rubber vulcanization processes we can manufacture rounded or sharp corners in specified angles. The vulcanization of customized rubber parts is also part of our range of offerings.

In addition, we have also developed a range of innovative anti-trap protection systems. Thanks to our integrated sensor technology, the risk of injury is significantly reduced in passenger transport. 

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Head of Business Unit Rail & Bus
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