Finger protection profiles with SensIQ touchless

Retrofittable safety for the inward-swinging and outward-swinging doors and folding, sliding and sliding plug doors of buses and trains

The finger protection profile SensIQ touchless functions with a light grid. The components send out a combination of parallel and crossed infrared beams.
The system automatically checks the entryway area for obstacles directly at the leading edge of the closing door. When an infrared beam is interrupted, a switching pulse is triggered. The doors are stopped automatically or are reversed.

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SensIQ touchless

How it works:
SensIQ touchless uses a combination of parallel and crossed infrared light beams to monitor the door area. If a person or object breaks just one single light beam, this creates a switching pulse that causes the door to stay open/reverse.

Light curtain installation options:
  1. A finger protection profile on the door‘s leading edge
  2. Impact protection on the secondary closing edge
  3. A foot protection edge
  4. SensIQ touchless
SensIQ touchless installation options:
  1. Integrated into the finger protection profile
  2. Screw-on version on the wing of the door
  3. Installation in the door portal (inside, at the side of the door)

  • 1Integrated into the finger protection profile
  • 2Impact protection on the secondary closing edge
  • 3Foot protection edge
  • 4Light curtain system

The advantages of "non-contact" anti-trap protection
(in accordance with EN 14752)  

GWU complies with all minimum standards, for example with regard to normal drag detection, but despite doing so, it is not possible to detect all dangerous situations such as those occurring in the case of curved platforms, articulated buses when turning, darkness or rush hour.

Special risks occur at the door's leading edge, where GWU recommends the use of a special rubber finger protection profile with integrated sensors. An additional safety mechanism is a foot detection system on the door sill. This prevents the door from closing (by holding the door open).

At present, the non-contact light curtain system is the most sophisticated safety precaution. This system actively detects people and objects in the danger area and prevents collisions. It can, however, also be installed on the wing of the door as a screw-on version or attached to the inside of and/or at the side of the door.  
  1. Non-contact protection effective directly on the door's leading edge 
  2. The door area remains fully clear 
  3. Handrails can be freely positioned
  4. Suitable for straight, curved and angled doors
  5. A maintenance-free system with function monitoring

A finger protection profile with an integrated SensIQ touchless for buses

For inward-swinging doors (a new development)


Separate activation of the wings of the door


A finger protection profile with an integrated SensIQ touchless for trains 


The special advantage for vehicle operators is the fact that the light curtain and safety contact edge are installed in the finger protection profiles of the door system and therefore cannot be seen from outside. This feature helps to effectively prevent manipulation and vandalism.

It also means that passengers in the door area cannot accidentally trigger the automatic closing of the door as was previously the case when the sensor system was integrated into the site coverings.