SensIQ signal
Colored LED technology for more safety


The SensIQ signal system makes it possible to direct passengers with colored lights as they board or leave public transport vehicles, thus improving safety. A rubber profile equipped with special LED lighting is installed for this purpose. The signal light is clearly visible from a distance and can be programmed and controlled as required.
For example, a green light can indicate where the vehicle entry points can be found. A red blinking light can show that the doors are closing. And a continuous red light light can indicate that the bus or train is about to depart. A yellow blinking light on the other hand can signal that the entry system's photoelectric sensor has detected an obstacle. The doors can also be equipped with an audio signal tone.

More Information

  1. SensIQ can be integrated on the door's leading edge in any rubber profile
  2. Suitable for standard doors
  3. Suitable for straight, curved and angled doors
  4. Individual signal colors can be programmed according to customer preference
  5. A wide variety of colors available in continuous, flashing or multicolor light modes 
  6. A maintenance-free system